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CResults Skincare          Manuka Honey Skin Care                                                           


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We can become bamboozled by complexity - the more we have to choose from, the more likely we are to make inappropriate choices. We believe that multiples of items are not necessary for promoting better skincare. Having just a few carefully formulated products seemed a perfectly sound idea to keep skin maintenance simplified, easy and affordable.


Use Manuka Honey and fight the signs of ageing.

Current research has revealed that certified active Manuka Honeys contain active compounds that naturally and actively help slow the signs of ageing.

Our skin is bombarded by the environment and bacteria, our body’s natural reaction is to protect and repair. This inflammatory reaction increases the signs of premature wrinkles and ageing. Manuka honey provides a moist, anti bacterial environment aiding to repair and improve the skins ability to regenerate new cells. Phenol acid, one of the active compounds, also provides anti inflammatory properties. By reducing the skins reaction to become inflamed, Manuka Honey calms, reduces redness, irritation, attracts moisture, minimises dryness, and supports greater elasticity. Your skin feels and looks younger longer.


  • CResults, in the development of the skin care range, looked for a very unique, quality, genuine Manuka Honey from selected apiaries, harvested from the remote forests on the west coast of the South Island, renowned for being  pesticide free and providing a truly organic, raw Manuka honey rich in Hydrogen Peroxide and non Hydrogen Peroxide activity. CResults certified organic, cold pressed Manuka honey has been tested by independent laboratories using the method as published by the University of Waikato New Zealand.  CResults Skincare only uses certified Manuka Honey in its skin care range.


  • Each product has been designed with the purest of additives to enhance the results, feel and performance of the products.  Manuka Honey naturally hydrates, softens and creates a more radiant youthful looking skin. CResults Manuka Honey is the jewel and the soul of the products we produce.


CResults products are rich in Australian Kakadu Plum extracts (recognized for its exceptionally high Vitamin C content) Macadamia oil, natural vitamins and minerals, certified organic, tested Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil.  The unique combinations of these ingredients produce multi-active high performance formulas with exquisite silky, smooth texture.

Facing Facts

“Simply Delicious for Your Skin”

CResults products encapsulate the essence of Australia and New Zealand, naturally with the magical components of Manuka Honey, Manuka Oil and Kakadu Plum.  Our unique combinations of these ingredients produce multi-active high performance formulas with exquisite silky, smooth texture.

More importantly, the result, a remarkable triple action that simultaneously firms, refines and nourishes the skin. From the first application your skin will glow with radiant natural health and vitality.

CResults products offer a natural alternative, extracted from active properties of indigenous flora reputed for their healing and protection.

Fact:  Manuka oil is recognised for its penetrating qualities that actively heal deep seated infections and promotes healthy and cellular regeneration.

Fact:  Manuka oil has also been scientifically proven to enhance the healing process and act as a natural shield.                                                                                                             

Fact:  Manuka honey has proven substances that cleanse, soothe, rebalance and revitalise depleted and damaged skin.                                                                                                                    

Fact:  Australian Kakadu Plum extract is reknowned as one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C .

Products derived from these natural resources are celebrated worldwide.            

Factors in our secret recipe, activate all of these natural ingredients and you have a unique blend of tissue regeneration, correction and protection.

CResults Manuka Honey Skin care:

1. Use only the finest quality active, natural, indigenous ingredients that promote healthy skin, designed to meet the exclusive needs of the beauty and health industry.

2. Our products do not require testing on animals, they’re natural and safe.

3.  All CResults products are formulated to have a minimum three year shelf life, using only minamil , recognised,  safe preservative systems.

4.  Our products exceed expectations because of the higher percentage of active Manuka oils and active Manuka honey.


     Manuka Honey


  • Folklore describes how the Maori and early European settlers used the oils and honey from the Manuka flowers and leaves, for many medicinal purposes and were well aware of the healing results from topical application of these extracts.


Why Manuka Honey?


  • Manuka Honey has been researched at the Waikato University New Zealand for over 23 years for its amazing properties.  Manuka Honey is derived from the Leptospermum Scoparium, a native tea tree believed to be unique to New Zealand.


  • Dr Peter Molan from the dept. of Biological Sciences at the Waikato University of New Zealand is a world authority in researching the factors that make Manuka Honey outstanding.  His research found Hydrogen peroxide is present in all natural honeys but some Manuka Honeys have additional non Hydrogen Peroxide property. These non peroxide properties are more resilient than the Hydrogen Peroxide values and don’t break down readily when exposed to UV, heat or when mixed with other substances such as emollients or other fluids. This research has shown Active Manuka Honey has a very potent antibacterial factor.


Beneficial Factors: factors quoted from research at the Waikato University.

  • Anti Bacterial
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti- Biotic
  • Anti- Fungal