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We accept or call us at 61 3 9844 5657

Manuka International Pty Ltd.

  • Owner, creator and exporter of BeeProducts brand Manuka Honey worldwide excluding Australia



          Ph: (03) 9844 5657

Healthfarm Fine Foods Pty Ltd.

  • Owner of Bee Products Trademark and distributor within Australian region.


          10-16 Ives Rd, Altona North,


          Ph: (03) 9360 9488

As an experienced exporting company:

Importing into Australia and exporting direct from New Zealand to all international distributors.

Currently distributing Australia wide, one of the largest distributors of Manuka Honey in Australia, IGA, Richie’s, Health food industries and a full range of independent super market chains.

We only sell top quality New Zealand Manuka Honey and New Zealand natural honeys.

Exporting Manuka honey and New Zealand honeys since 2008 we can assure experience and professioanl support, service and quality products to all our distributors.

Our honeys are from the Bee Keepers, raw, filtered honeys, direct from the hives.
• no preservatives
• no additives
• no colour additives

We take great pride in working with professional Bee keepers in New Zealand who have integrity and take pride in their honey production; we only purchase high grade honeys and maintain premium quality control.


Export Terms and conditions of payment:

Quantities: Minimum 2 pallets of mixed types (One Pallet = 1260 x 500gm jars)

  • Shipping terms: CFR prices to be negotiated on port of destination.
  • Manuka International only purchases raw, fresh honey, assuring us of high quality, fresh, certified products at the best possible price. The honey is purchased in barrels and stored until a client places an order. Products are only packed after a deposit has been paid and agreements are completed. No packaged products are kept on shelf at any time.
  • Shipping: 45 days after completion of agreements and paid deposit; this may vary according to seasons and availability of individual honeys and shipping.


MG Rated Honey

New Zealand Manuka Honey MG30+        500gm

New Zealand Manuka Honey MG30+        1kg

New Zealand Manuka Honey MG100+      500gm

New Zealand Manuka Honey MG 250+     500gm

New Zealand Manuka Honey MG 500+     500gm

New Zealand Manuka Honey MG 600+     500gm

New Zealand Manuka Honey MG 800+     500gm

New Zealand Manuka Honey MG 800+     500gm


NEW ZEALAND HONEYS: Non-Manuka floral honey's and blends


New Zealand White Clover                 500gm

New Zealand MultiFlora                      500gm

New Zealand Honeydew                     500gm

New Zealand Lemon Clover                500gm