Bee Products New Zealand Manuka Honey Blend MG30+

With its rich, floral flavor and distinctive aroma, Bee Products Manuka Honey is 100% New Zealand honey at its best.

Our honey is hand-harvested from hives scattered throughout New Zealand’s pristine forests, home to the local Manuka Tea Tree. Manuka honey is world renowned for its special properties.

Enjoy a teaspoon mixed in a glass of warm water, spread across your toast or straight from the spoon.

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family business

Since 1994, we have prided ourselves on producing some of New Zealand’s finest Manuka Honey.

From hive to jar, we work directly with our beekeepers throughout the entire production cycle to guarantee you enjoy the highest quality, fully filtered Manuka Honey.
every time.

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Manuka Honey is special honey derived from bees that feed on the nectar of Manuka Tea Tree plant (Leptospermum Scoparium) that grows in the pristine forests of New Zealand. This indigenous tea tree, blossoms from December through to January, allowing the bees to extract nectar from the small white flower. Manuka Honey has a distinctive golden hue, rich flavour and unique aroma.

Yes. It’s straight from the beehives and ready to be enjoyed, whether it’s spread across your toast or eaten by the spoonful.

MG or (MGO) stands for methylglyoxal, an antibacterial compound naturally found in the nectar of the Manuka flower. The MG number on the front of our honey, (30+ MG), represents the mg per kg of the methylglyoxal compound found in the honey. The raw Manuka Honey is put in vats where each vat is rotated and tested for its Methylglyoxal (MG rating).

No, it’s the Manuka flower that the nectar is harvested from that determines the type of honey. The dominant pollen in the honey will determine what the honey will be recognised as, and will be given its common flora name accordingly.

Bee Products Manuka Honey is a natural product direct from nature to your table. The colour may vary according to the Manuka Shrub and where the nectar was naturally harvested. Environmental conditions, (e.g. rain, heat, drought, wind and soil types) can reflect in the final honey product. The colour doesn’t always determine the value of the honey, some Manuka Honeys are very light in colour and have registered a very high “MG” rating. Flavour varies according to the same conditions that influence colour. Dark honey tends to have a stronger, more bitter flavour and is more aromatic, whereas light honey is crisper and more delicate in flavour.

Pure Manuka Honey tends to naturally crystallise in liquid form.  To prevent this, Bee Products Manuka Honey is creamed to ensure a smooth and spreadable consistency. “Creaming” is a technique that creates fine crystals in the honey that gives the Manuka honey a “cream” like appearance.   There is nothing added to the honey during this process, it is simply stirred and slightly chilled preserving its natural properties.

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